Oracle Smart View Download

Oracle Smart View Download

Oracle Smart View Download

Oracle Smart View has a long history of providing reporting and data administration for Essbase-based technologies. For decades, Smart View has been the window for users and administrators into the complex data models in Essbase, and the technologies that leverage Essbase to provide data storage like Oracle Planning & Budgeting , Financial Consolidation & Close, Account Reconciliation, Narrative Reporting, and many more. Smart View allows users of any of these to access the underlying data via Microsoft Office tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and others.

Traditionally, users of Smart View will use Excel to retrieve and/or submit data from/to their application for reporting, budgeting, and other business functions.

There are two primary ways to download and install Smart View for Office: 1) downloading it directly from Oracle, and 2) downloading it from within your Oracle EPM Product.

Downloading directly from Oracle

The Oracle Technology Network website provides links to download and install most Oracle products, assuming you have a valid license to download them. This requires creating an account with Oracle and agreeing to their terms of service. To find the page, click here: . Clicking through the download links will prompt you to create an account with Oracle, but this will ensure that you have the latest and greatest version of Smart View available.

Once the file is downloaded, you can install it by running the downloaded executable file and installing it. Beware! The install process will require you to shut down any running Microsoft Office applications. If you have Excel files, outlook, or word documents open, for example, you will need to save and close them all to successfully install Smart View.

Downloading from the EPM Product

The second option is to download them from your product directly. The exact steps for this will vary depending upon the version of the tool you have access to, but as an example, in Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, you can click the menu next to your login name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and select "Downloads." This will provide a link back to the Oracle Technology Network as described above but will provide access to the correct files.

In the case of Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (and other tools), there are additional extensions available for Smart View that will enhance your ability to interact with the database. These administration extensions are separate downloads but are available in your application in the same download menus.

Smart View remains the best method for viewing and submitting data in Essbase-based technologies. Your EPM-using organization's members should all install and connect to take full advantage of Smart View's EPM excel add in capabilities.

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