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What can OAC do FOR YOU?

When evaluating a piece of software often times we focus on what it can do. But what about what it can do FOR YOU? Meaning, what can the software do for you so that you won't have to do it yourself?

The new Essbase cloud offering (Oracle Analytics Cloud) includes several exciting new features geared in that direction, with enhanced analytics power, but more importantly, with a much more user-friendly experience for both users and administrators.

My three favorite "make your life easier" new features in Oracle Analytics Cloud are:

Cube Designer

The Cube Designer tool makes the Hyperion administrator life easier by:

  • Eliminating the need to manually create cube documentation.
  • Allowing you to edit your cube from one easy to read Excel file.
  • Backing up your cube definitions in one re-uploadable Excel file.

The Cube Designer is a one-stop shop to backup, document and modify your cubes offline, all in one. Cube Designer allows you to export any application to an Excel workbook into an easy to read and ready for documentation format. It not only saves you the time by documenting your applications in a ready to present format, you can use the same file to modify your application offline and re-upload it, or simply to back it up. Three different processes combined!

Data Visualization

OAC comes bundled with two ready to use tools for data visualization, which allow users to create their own visually impactful reports and dashboards. Never before has Essbase come bundled with such powerful, user friendly reporting and dashboarding. Users are now able to intuitively put together their own reports, cutting on the need for an administrator or reporting expert to build them.


The sandboxing feature makes everybody's lives easier across the board by:

  • Improving database performance by reducing the amount of data stored in what-if scenarios.
  • Eliminating users wait time for what-if scenario/version availability.
  • Reducing administrator effort to manually generate and maintain what-if versions/scenarios.

Sandboxing allows every user to have a "play area" for what-if analysis that no other non-admin users have access to. In the past most people have done this by adding a handful of draft or what-if versions, at the risk of:

  • Affecting database performance by exponentially increasing the size of a database.
  • Users overwriting each others drafts if not enough versions are available for everybody's use.

The new cloud sandboxing feature does not have an intrinsic performance risk because it only stores the differences between the base data and the sandbox data. Once a user is satisfied with their sandbox data, they can write back their changes to the version everybody has access to. Plus, it only requires a one-time setup, reducing:

  • The effort an administrator has to put in to accommodate what-if version setup and data copy requests.
  • The wait time on the user side for "what-if" versions to be ready. Sandboxes are ALWAYS ready.

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