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What is OBIEE?

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Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Plus is an innovative and comprehensive BI platform that delivers the full range of BI capabilities on a next-generation architecture designed for true enterprise deployment. It enables IT organizations to define a single, logical view of all enterprise data-whether in a single data warehouse or across multiple operational and analytic sources-and provide business users with new levels of self-sufficiency to access, interact with, and utilize this information to increase effectiveness.

Pervasive - highly intuitive and interactive 100% Web UI brings rich and powerful BI from across sources to any audience, delivering insight where and when users need it to drive actions, decisions, and business processes - without requiring special BI expertise or power user skills.

Comprehensive without Compromise - full range of BI capabilities, including interactive intelligence dashboards, ad hoc analysis, proactive detection and alerts, intelligent workflow, enterprise reporting, disconnected analytics, MS Office integration, real-time predictive analytics, and more. Includes innovative next-generation capabilities, including a model-driven enterprise semantic layer, heterogeneous data access and integration, modern Services Oriented architecture, and mission critical scalability and performance.

Hot-Pluggable - leverages existing IT investments, including Oracle and non-Oracle databases, applications, and custom solutions. In addition, Oracle BI Suite EE Plus is the same platform used for Oracle-Siebel Business Analytics Applications so organizations that adopt Oracle BI Suite EE Plus can choose from a library of prebuilt analytic applications that are rapidly deployable, offer lower TCO, and assured business value. Finally, Oracle BI Suite EE Plus incorporates Business Intelligence tools from Hyperion that complement the existing suite in order to deliver the broadest array of BI tools on the market to our customers.

LOB level
  • Lack clear and complete visibility into business performance
  • Siloed BI deployments across apps & departments
  • Fragmented views of information
  • No consistent definition of business metrics ; Inconsistencies in reports sourced from the same data
  • Lack of confidence in the accuracy and completeness of the information received from IT
  • Report-centric model with backlog of new requests in IT. Top management gets first priority, while needs of other users typically go unmet.
  • Few users have timely and actionable information needed to optimize actions and decisions - particularly middle management and "front line" users
  • Inability to access information in real-time
  • Inability to develop new analysis without IT involvement
  • Not able to detect and respond quickly to new opportunities and threats

Companies will benefits from OBIEE when...

IT Manager
  • Too much time spent and resources focused on developing new reports, but still not meeting business needs for information
  • Difficult to quickly deliver accurate and complete information to business managers
  • Difficulty scaling the BI environment to handle large and diverse user community
  • Time spent reconciling data due to inaccuracies found in reports
  • Time moving data into specialized analytical servers to support multidimensional analysis?
  • Performance problems as analytic calculations become complex and numerous
  • Delays in deploying new systems due to poor quality data


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