Oracle DRM

Oracle Data Relationship Management

Oracle DRM

Oracle's Data Relationship Management (DRM) functions as a hub where reporting structures are maintained, analyzed, and validated before moving throughout the enterprise. DRM creates an enterprise view of account, cost center, legal entity and analytical dimensions in a single highly scalable software solution. This solution is built using today's most advanced technologies and is maintained by a single team in the enterprise.

The primary purpose of DRM is to provide centralized master data management for an enterprise. Centralized master data management ensures consistency amongst downstream applications and eliminates manual tasks that are prone to human error. DRM provides a single version of the truth for all applicable applications. As companies grow, this centralization becomes more important as mergers, acquisitions and departmental initiatives silo master data. DRM's version and hierarchy management enable enterprises to manage financial chart of accounts, business entities, cost centers, and custom dimensions across multiple systems. DRM serves as the main point-of-entry to update subscribing systems or be used after-the-fact for reconciliation and analysis.

On the reporting and analysis side, DRM's property management validates data relationships dynamically and calculates attribute values using business rules.

For example, a real-time validation can check if a member name is a certain length or if it contains specific characters. Calculated attributes can designate members to certain downstream applications. Proper property management in DRM enforces referential integrity across all subscribing systems and hierarchies. Dynamic DRM calculations also reduce manual input and user error.

Finally, evolving companies require robust audit trails to track all complex updates to the enterprise. DRM provides a full-featured audit history capability. All changes to hierarchies and properties in DRM are tracked in DRM's Audit module. Additionally, DRM maintains historical snapshots of data for comparative reporting and analysis. Users can create customized reports that capture changes for specific dimensions across any period.

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