Automating Oracle Cloud Admin tasks with Oracle EPM Automate

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oracle epm automate

Worried about the lack of familiar on-Premise administrative utilities like MaxL and LCM on Oracle Cloud? Don' be - EPM Automate is here and is easy to use.

EPM Automate is the command line utility that allows you to remotely perform and automate administrative tasks for your Oracle Cloud instance . It can perform administrative tasks like importing and exporting metadata and data, refreshing and clearing cubes etc. It is supported by ARCS (Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service) , EPBCS (Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) , FCCS (Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service) , PBCS (Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) , PCMCS (Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service) and TRCS (Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Service) applications .

The 4 simple steps to fully automate your EPM processes via EPM Automate are -

  • Install the EPM Automate Utility
  • Create the appropriate jobs, batches, reports, snapshots, Business Rules etc. in the application(s) or in Data Management , these are then run by the EPM Automate utility
  • Write Batch or Shell scripts, for Windows and Linux servers respectively
  • Login (you can use an encrypted password login)
  • EPM Automate Commands
  • Logout
  • Error log monitoring utilizing the EPM Automate exit codes (optional)
  • Create Cron Jobs (on Linux servers) or Windows Task Scheduler tasks for each Batch/Shell script

To glance at the EPM Automate commands and the applications they are supported by see - or contact us at MindStream Analytics to learn more.

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