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Case Study

Customer Case Study: Acme Brick Improves Planning Process and Achieves Efficiency with OneStream

Acme Brick OneStream Implementation

Acme Brick, an American manufacturer and distributor of brick and masonry-related construction products and materials, was facing challenges with an outdated TM1 solution for Sales Planning, Production Planning, CIP Planning (Marketplace solution), Expense Planning, and Income Statement reporting. The planning process was time-consuming, with a 3-month planning cycle that was inefficient for end users. Acme Brick wanted to streamline their planning process, reduce cycle time, and create a foundation for future expansion into People Planning, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Planning, Monthly Rolling Forecast, Long-range Strategic Plan, Account Reconciliations, and Self-Service Reporting.

Acme Brick turned to MindStream Analytics for help implementing OneStream to replace their outdated TM1 solution. Using OneStream, MindStream deployed an “App-like” Dashboard-driven Planning solution that guided end-users through the process, with a Landing Page that allowed them to easily select Location, Scenario, and processes to be completed. Over 75 complex calculations were executed through Dashboards, including allocations, cube seeding rules, and a Plant Unit Cost Analysis report used within the company for over 20 years.

With the new OneStream solution, end-users can now update inputs, calculate data, and return up-to-date results within seconds. This was a significant improvement from the previous solution, where it would take 3-4 minutes just to open a report in TM1. Full consolidations now take less than 2 minutes to run for the whole company. The Admin Dashboard provides flexibility to easily complete administrative tasks such as running consolidations and calculations or copying versions to perform re-forecasts and gaming scenarios.

OneStream's solution also provides end-user tracking and visibility into budget completeness during the planning season. This helped Acme Brick to ensure that the budget was complete and accurate, reducing the risk of errors and omissions.

Overall, the OneStream solution has helped Acme Brick to achieve its goals. The implementation of the "App-like" Dashboard-driven Planning solution has made the planning process easier and more efficient for end-users, reducing the planning cycle by several months. It has also created a foundation for future expansion into additional planning processes, providing the flexibility and scalability that Acme Brick requires as the company grows and evolves.

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