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Case Study

Subway's Analytics Journey with MindStream Analytics and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Subway NetSuite Implementation

Subway, a very well-known player in the fast-food industry, is known for its sub sandwiches and salads. To enhance its analytics capabilities, Subway collaborated with MindStream Analytics for the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse implementation, working mainly with its Finance and IT departments.

The Challenge:

Subway identified three main challenges:

  • Data Integration: Integrating varied data from different sources with unique formats and structures.
  • Data Security: Implementing robust data security measures, with a focus on data-level security.
  • User Training: Ensuring users are well-trained to effectively use NetSuite Analytics Warehouse for reporting and analytics.

The Solution:

MindStream Analytics provided tailored solutions:

  • Setup Process: Introduced the latest version of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse using pre-built content to facilitate setup.
  • Data Management: Implemented structured data loads and data-level security, and transferred ERP File Cabinet contents for better data management.
  • User Training: Offered training sessions for Subway's team to familiarize them with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.


The NetSuite Analytics Warehouse implementation brought about several improvements:

  • The new version, along with pre-built content, made the setup process more straightforward.
  • Data management was improved through structured data loads, increased security measures, and the successful migration of ERP File Cabinet contents.
  • Comprehensive training enabled Subway's team to effectively use NetSuite Analytics Warehouse for reporting and data analysis.
  • Overall, the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse implementation simplified Subway's data management process, improved data security, and enhanced their reporting capabilities.

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