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BluEarth Renewables

Case Study

Streamlining Budget Management for BluEarth Renewables with MindStream Analytics

BluEarth MindStream NetSuite Implementation

BluEarth Renewables is a front-runner in the renewable energy sector, firmly devoted to changing the global energy landscape by progressively increasing green energy's presence in the power grid. As a rapidly growing company with multiple sites and subsidiaries, their finance team is at the epicenter of ensuring that operations run smoothly.

The Challenge:

BluEarth Renewables, like many burgeoning enterprises, faced challenges stemming from their rapid expansion. The heart of the issue was their finance team's struggle with consolidating and reporting budget results across multiple subsidiaries and sites, each with its distinct budget owners and reviewers. This fragmentation often led to inconsistencies, delays, and inefficiencies in budget management and reporting.

The Solution by MindStream Analytics:

Understanding the intricacies and the urgency of the situation, MindStream Analytics proposed a comprehensive solution:

  • 1. NetSuite Automated Integration: This was implemented to seamlessly integrate actual data, ensuring real-time and accurate reflections of financial standings.
  • 2. Enhanced Security with Workflow by Subsidiaries: This targeted approach ensured that budget owners could efficiently manage their respective responsibilities, with the system automating many previously manual processes.
  • 3. Immediate Reporting Mechanism: Once the budgeting work was approved by reviewers, reports were instantly generated, reducing the lag time considerably and enhancing the decision-making process.

Client Engagement and Onboarding:

BluEarth's team displayed immense enthusiasm in familiarizing themselves with the new tools. They took a hands-on approach, eager to be trained according to their specific requirements. The team became adept at managing the settings independently, including adjusting security measures, creating new forms/reports, setting alternative hierarchies, and determining valid intersections.

Looking Ahead - Phase II:

With the primary objectives achieved in the initial phase, BluEarth Renewables and MindStream Analytics are already knee-deep in Phase II. The focus here is to produce Balance Sheets by Sites. However, a few post go-live issues cropped up during their maiden run with the tool, which are actively being addressed to ensure a seamless experience in the future.

MindStream Analytics' partnership with BluEarth Renewables epitomizes the power of technology and collaboration. With streamlined processes, automated integrations, and the enthusiasm of BluEarth's team, the finance department is poised for further efficiencies, ensuring the renewable energy company remains at the forefront of its industry.

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