Oracle Exalytics

What is Oracle Exalytics?

Oracle Exalytics is part of Oracle's "Exa" family and is the first BI appliance designed for Oracle BI and EPM applications. It requires no application redesign or reengineering and offers speed of though analysis with simplicity.

The Exa Familty


Optimized for DW/OLTP Load The ideal consolidation platform
  • Pre-integrated optimized Oracle database platform
  • Extreme performance for DW and OLTP
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Intelligent technologies
  • For DW - 10X query performance
  • For OLTP - 10x more concurrent users


Optimized to run enterprise applications. Pre-engineered high availability.
  • World's first engineered system for Java, Oracle, or Enterprise applications
  • Foundation for secure private cloud
  • Unlimited scale & unbeatable performance
  • Pre-optimized and pre-configured servers and software
  • A combination of state-of-art technologies

Common BI Solution Roadblocks

  • Multiple Vendors
  • Support Issues
  • Performance Challenges
  • Replicated Data
  • Too many servers
  • User Acceptance
Business Intelligence Solutions Road Blocks

Engineered BI System

  • Sub-second response time
  • OBIEE with hardware acceleration and optimization
  • Memory with optimization
  • In-Memory Database (Times Ten)
  • Adaptive In-Memory Caching
  • Columnar Compression
  • Infiniband connectivity
  • A plug and play architecture
Engineered Business Intelligence System

Exalytics Hardware

  • Oracle's Sun Fire X4470M2 server with 1 Terabyte of RAM
  • 4 Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 (40 cores).
  • 2 (40 Gb/s InfiniBand and 10 Gb/s Ethernet)
  • 6 * 600 GB Hard disks (3.6 TB)
  • Integrated Lights Out Management
  • An always On Service Processor
  • A configuration of Sun Fire.

Exalytics Software

  • Oracle Exalytics Software Media Pack v1 for Linux x86-64
  • Exalytics base image based on Exalogic
  • Exalytics Configuration Tool
  • BI Foundation Suite
  • Oracle Times Ten for Exalytics
  • EPM Suite
  • Essbase opatch for EPM

Hardware & Software Optimization

The following techniques help achieve the lightning fast performance:
  • In-Memory Adaptive Data Mart
  • In-Memory Intelligent Cache
  • In-Memory Cubes

What is an In-Memory Relational Database?

An optimized in-memory relational database enhanced with Columnar Compression, Grouping Operators.
  • One Times Ten DB per Exalytics machine
  • Enhanced with Columnar Compression, Grouping Operators
  • Supports multiple caching options
  • High Availability

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