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Oracle's EPM On-Premises Strategy

What is Oracle's EPM On-Premises Strategy?

  • Shannon Burket, Director, Planning & Analysis

There's not a single EPM user that isn't aware of Oracle's shift to the cloud. That doesn't mean everyone has lined up to make the shift. Not surprising to most of us, there has been some resistance to change and Oracle has gotten the message. At Kscope17, Oracle announced that they are not completely throwing in the towel as it relates to their on-premises products. The final on-premises release, EPM 11.2, will be coming out in early 2019. Here's what we know...

Ongoing Commitment for Lifetime Support

On-Premise Versions to Receive Updates

  • S1 defects only through this month (March 2018)

  • Defect fixes
  • 3rd party certifications
  • Enhancements (again mostly customer driven) through December 2020


  • Scheduled for release in 2019
  • Uplift to FMW 12g release
  • Repository simplification
  • Defect fixing, 3rd party certifications and enhancements through 2030

Oracle EPM Strategy RoadMap

Next & Future Release Highlights

Personally, I'm most focused on the upcoming Planning, Essbase and Smart View releases since that's what I work with on a day-to-day basis. For the most part, the Planning functionality included in the "next" release are already available in PBCS and/or EPBCS and they are features that I love (specifically valid intersection and smart push). You can find more details on these features in a webinar I did in late 2017 called PBCS Top 10 Features or on our YouTube channel (see links below).

Below is an overview of all of the planned next and future releases for the entire EPM stack. If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail, please reach out to us.

Oracle EPM Strategy

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