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Case Study

Advanced Customization and Knowledge Empowerment: One Health Capital's NetSuite Success with MindStream Analytics

OneHealth MindStream NetSuite Implementation

One Health Capital specializes in providing capital support and a scalable platform of centralized administrative services and systems. This enables companies to leverage scalable tools, operate beyond their size, and focus on operational growth without being burdened by administrative and capital challenges.


One Health Capital faced distinct challenges in their reporting process using NetSuite:

  • Inclusion of Additional Subsidiary: The need to report using an additional subsidiary not originally included in NetSuite posed a significant challenge, as basic metadata was insufficient for their reporting requirements.
  • Inadequate Basic Reporting Functionality: Their reporting needs surpassed the basic functionalities of SmartView, especially in terms of additional formatting and graphing capabilities.
  • Highly Technical Client Requests: The point of contact at One Health Capital possessed an advanced understanding of the system, leading to requests for technically specific solutions and inquiries about functionalities beyond standard NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) implementation.


MindStream Analytics implemented a series of tailored solutions:

  • Customized Metadata Manipulation Training: Provided training on how to manipulate metadata and create alternative hierarchies for reporting on additional subsidiaries.
  • Creation of Custom Artifacts: Assisted in developing forms and reports specifically tailored to One Health Capital's needs.
  • Custom Report Building Training: Enabled the client to use the New Reports functionality to create custom reports, including advanced graphs and formatting.
  • Advanced Customization Knowledge Transfer: Conducted knowledge transfer sessions to equip the client with the skills to create more advanced customizations independently.


The project was successfully completed with the delivery of:

  • Agreed-upon Functionalities and Integrations: Met the specific needs of One Health Capital, particularly regarding the inclusion of additional subsidiaries in reporting.
  • High Degree of Knowledge Transfer: Empowered the client to effectively optimize the software's performance and outcomes through advanced feature use.
  • Tailored Application Use: Enabled One Health Capital to adapt NetSuite to their specific reporting requirements, especially for subsidiaries not initially part of NetSuite's structure.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a customized approach to software implementation. Through MindStream Analytics' expert guidance and advanced training, One Health Capital was not only able to overcome complex reporting challenges but also gained the ability to independently develop sophisticated customizations, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and reporting capabilities.

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