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Case Study

Revitalizing OUAI's Demand Planning & Reporting with MindStream Analytics

OUAI MindStream NetSuite Implementation

Known for its luxurious hair and skincare products, OUAI has garnered a distinguished clientele, including the Kardashians. As a brand of distinction and quality, OUAI represents the pinnacle of beauty industry achievements. Their recent acquisition by the titan of the industry, Procter & Gamble (P&G), further accentuates their success and trajectory.

The Challenge:

Despite their notable success in the beauty arena, OUAI encountered significant challenges behind the scenes. Their existing solutions fell short in delivering effective demand planning. Struggles with inventory management compounded the situation. With a need for multiple forecasting versions and precise reporting for board presentations, their existing infrastructure was ill-equipped to meet these demands.

The Solution by MindStream Analytics:

MindStream Analytics took a holistic approach to address OUAI's challenges:

  • 1. Units x Price & Demand Planning: By leveraging the capabilities of NetSuite, a seamless integration for unit-based demand planning was executed. This revolutionized how OUAI managed its inventory and addressed demand fluctuations.

  • 2. Robust 'What-If' Analysis & Reforecasting/Scenario Planning: MindStream's solution equipped OUAI with tools to anticipate market changes and adapt accordingly. This forward-thinking capability allowed them to model different scenarios and optimize their planning process.

  • 3. Smart View Reporting Solution: Ensuring that OUAI's board is equipped with precise, concise, and informative reports, the Smart View solution transformed their reporting process, making it more efficient and insightful.

Achievements and Ongoing Engagement:

OUAI's collaboration with MindStream Analytics did not go unnoticed. The seamless integration and the dramatic improvement in operational efficiency led them to win a coveted 'Spotlight Award'.

Moreover, the company has adopted the tool extensively, discussing enhancements, including demand planning and revenue bolt opportunities. As a cherry on top, OUAI now confidently uses the solution to provide comprehensive reporting to their new parent company, P&G, ensuring transparency and alignment.

MindStream Analytics and OUAI's collaboration showcases the transformative power of strategic technological intervention. By bridging the gaps in OUAI's demand planning and reporting processes, MindStream Analytics not only streamlined operations but also fortified the high-end brand's position in the competitive beauty industry.

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