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Benefits Data Trust

Case Study

Benefits Data Trust Case Study

Empowering Non-Profit Efficiency: BDTrust's Integration Journey with MindStream Analytics and Oracle

Benefits Data Trust (BDTrust), a non-profit organization, is committed to ensuring that access to vital assistance is efficient, equitable, and dignified for everyone. At the core of their mission is a dedication to putting people first, a principle that guides their operational strategies, especially within their finance team.


BDTrust faced significant challenges in integrating their systems and processes:

  • Complex Integration Needs: The primary challenge was integrating their existing MIP ERP system with Oracle. The existing system was inadequate in addressing budgeting uploads and reporting needs.
  • Workforce Customization: To rectify discrepancies, BDTrust required specific customizations in the workforce module.


MindStream Analytics, alongside the BDTrust technology and finance teams and MIP support, implemented a multifaceted solution:

  • Collaborative Approach: A team consisting of MSA integration experts, BDTrust's technology and finance teams, and the MIP support team, collaborated to understand MIP's API and establish an automated process for data extraction and upload into Oracle's PBCS.
  • Data Validation: Multiple instances of data validation were undertaken, showcasing BDTrust's commitment to precision and accuracy.
  • SmartView Training: Comprehensive training was provided for budget upload and reporting using Oracle's SmartView, significantly enhancing BDTrust's operational capabilities.
  • Workforce Module Customization: Meticulous validation work was done on the Workforce module to tailor it to BDTrust's specific requirements.


BDTrust has successfully integrated the Oracle system, enhancing their budgeting, reporting, and workforce management processes. The team is exploring the possibility of developing additional integrations with MIP and incorporating advanced logic for reporting, although these plans are still in the conceptual stage.

The collaboration between MindStream Analytics and BDTrust, facilitated by the integration of Oracle, has significantly advanced BDTrust's operational capabilities. This case study exemplifies how tailored technological solutions can empower non-profit organizations to achieve greater efficiency and impact in their vital work.

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