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Chiquita Brands

Case Study

MindStream Delivers unified Oracle Hyperion Reporting Platform for Chiquita Brands

Chiquita Oracle Hyperion Implementation

After Chiquita completed the implementation of a Global Forecasting and Planning Business Performance Management System (BPM) , the Financial Reporting Group utilized the BPM platform in which to build its Management Reporting and Statutory consolidation applications using Hyperion Financial Management . The project involved converting from Carthesis Carat platform to HFM. Data from its applications integrate directly into various BPM Planning applications, creating one cohesive, integrated environment for Business Planning and Reporting.

The Carat (Carthesis) application supported multiple financial statement reports, as well as a major source to feed its Analyst Pack (via Excel) and F-Schedules pack. While these various reports / schedules continue to be required in various forms, the goal was to streamline the process, primarily utilizing the dynamic reporting capabilities of Hyperion Reporting and Smartview by directly linking from the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) to the Hyperion Financial Management application.

The Oracle / Hyperion System 11 environment , which hosts the new Financial Management reporting application, shares a common workspace with the BPM Planning environment, facilitating access to all reports across the various applications and streamlining the process in which to migrate Actual data from the Reporting application to various BPM Planning applications.

Project Goals:
  • Deploy a web-based financial consolidation and reporting solution to 160 global users
  • Consolidate the books of records for Chiquita on a single HFM platform while streamlining (and reducing) the multiple organizational hierarchies in Carat
  • Deliver a standardized set of reports from within the new System-11 framework, Financial Reports, some previously defined in Excel
  • Facilitate Geographic Reporting
  • Facilitate Tax Reporting hierarchy to accommodate various reporting requirements
  • Reduce the close cycle
  • Strengthen internal controls surrounding financial reporting
  • Streamline the standard reporting package
  • Produce matching results to Carat
  • Meet all current internal and external reporting needs
  • Create a Statutory reporting application that will perform foreign currency translations and facilitate Equity Pickup accounting.
  • Perform inter-company matching and generate e-mail prompts to business units to assist in the reconciliation process
  • Provide ability to book consolidating journal entries at Parent Entity levels
  • Provide ability to book Statutory adjustments that will carry forward
  • Facilitate Cash Flow reporting

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