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Elite Body Sculpture

Case Study

Revolutionizing Budget Management for Elite Body Sculpture with MindStream Analytics

Elite Body Sculpture Case Study

In the dynamic realm of medical cosmetics, Elite Body Sculpture has distinguished itself with its next-generation body contouring treatment. Offered exclusively at AirSculpt offices, their innovation promises unparalleled precision and comfort to clients, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The Challenge:

As pioneers in the cosmetic space, Elite Body Sculpture's administrative backend was grappling with challenges:

  • Localized Excel Budgeting: Their existing budgeting process was isolated within Excel spreadsheets, devoid of an interconnected digital infrastructure.

  • Time-Intensive Reporting: Extracting meaningful reports became a strenuous task, often consuming inordinate amounts of time and still being error-prone.

  • Disjointed Actuals: The system struggled with cleanly basing the budget and forecast on actual figures from their ERP.

The Solution:

Understanding the intricacies of Elite Body Sculpture's challenges, MindStream Analytics put forth a comprehensive plan:

  • NetSuite Planning & Budgeting Integration: By implementing this system, inclusive of Standard + Workforce with the Indirect Expense Allocation module, a centralized platform for actuals, budgets, and forecasts was established.

  • Revamping Reporting: Complex reporting needs, especially the nuanced requirements for reconciling balance sheet amounts, were addressed. This turned tedious monthly reporting chores into simple, repeatable tasks.

  • Direct ERP Integration: Integrating the tool directly with NetSuite ERP meant real-time, accurate reporting became the norm, whether it was actuals, budgets, or forecasts.


Elite Body Sculpture's transformation post-implementation was evident:

  • Adoption and Integration: The team smoothly transitioned to the new system. Utilizing SmartView for Office, users could not only view but also input planning-related data. This integration allowed them to enhance ERP data, like adding case counts per subsidiary, making expense allocation streamlined and accurate.

  • Modernizing Cash Flow Management: MindStream Analytics redefined their Cash Flow Proof process. What once was an Excel-intensive task morphed into a robust tool-based solution. This blended calculated actuals with manually input data to allocate and document distinct spend categories for each period. The outcome? A detailed cash flow report offering profound insights into the company's financial health.

MindStream Analytics' collaboration with Elite Body Sculpture encapsulates the transformative potential of targeted tech solutions in streamlining administrative processes. By eliminating inefficiencies and injecting accuracy into budgeting and reporting, MindStream ensured that Elite Body Sculpture could focus on what they do best: redefining the contours of cosmetic treatments.

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