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Harte Hanks

Case Study

Charting New Waters: Translating Harte Hanks' Vision into NetSuite with MindStream Analytics

Harte Hanks MindStream NetSuite Implementation

A global powerhouse, Harte Hanks is a multi-country marketing agency with expertise in marketing, customer care, fulfillment, and logistics. They offer end-to-end solutions, ensuring that their clientele experiences top-tier services from the point of purchase to delivery.

The Challenge:

For Harte Hanks, transitioning to NetSuite presented a unique set of challenges:

  • 1 Mapping Transactions to Non-Existent Structures in NetSuite: Harte Hanks faced an obstacle where specific transactions lacked segment identifiers, making NSPB reporting a daunting task.

  • 2 Transitioning from Another Consultant: MindStream Analytics stepped in midway, as the project had initially started with a different consultant. This presented challenges in ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting client operations.

  • 3 Mismatched Expectations: Harte Hanks had expectations that the NetSuite solution would completely replace their existing local budgeting processes. This posed as a challenge since the client expected all functionalities of their existing processes to be incorporated into the new system.

The Solution by MindStream Analytics:

    MindStream Analytics tackled the challenges with a systematic approach:

  • 1 Data Accessibility and Integration: The MindStream team consulted internally and found ways to extract necessary data from saved searches. In close collaboration with Harte Hanks' development team, they made transaction field modifications to align with the desired results.

  • 2 Seamless Consultant Transition: The transition from the previous consultant was strategically planned, allowing the client enough time to familiarize themselves with the new consultant. This ensured continuity, with the new consultant being updated on all prior discussions and expectations.

  • 3 Prioritizing Deliverables: MindStream Analytics, recognizing the complexity of some client requests, prioritized completing the originally agreed deliverables. This allowed for immediate progress while keeping the door open for future expansions and refinements.


The collaboration between MindStream Analytics and Harte Hanks culminated in a highly customized, user-friendly NetSuite implementation. All the agreed-upon data was seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall user experience of the application.

Moreover, MindStream's commitment to demonstrating out-of-the-box functionalities provided clarity on workflows, making it easier for Harte Hanks to adapt. Throughout the implementation, the relationship remained positive, and Harte Hanks' primary contact echoed the users' satisfaction with the tool's navigation and daily usability.

MindStream Analytics' engagement with Harte Hanks showcases how even mid-implementation challenges can be addressed with a combination of expertise, collaboration, and prioritization. Through strategic planning and a dedication to client success, MindStream ensured that Harte Hanks could leverage the full power of NetSuite for their global operations.

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