Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Whether an organization is new to leveraging Oracle's Enterprise wide solutions or has been doing it for over a decade, there is untold potential to analyzing that data with Oracle's leading Business Intelligence tools.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Luckily, Oracle provides a wide range of pre built applications to serve as the starting point of integrating a broad variety of process systems with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). This allows OBIEE to consume data from these systems and generate robust, intuitive, and deeply informative dashboards and analyses that will reveal the story of your organizations performance, finances, and other metrics for all levels of your business to understand.

Have you customized your E-Business Suite, Oracle CRM, or other enterprise system? MindStream Analytics will partner with you to evaluate and implement Oracle's packages to configure and customize them to your specific environment to leverage all of the customizations you've done to your transactional systems within your BI tool sets.

    MindStream Analytics will:
  • Evaluate your current systems
  • Deploy the vanilla, or off the shelf, versions of the OBIA modules
  • Prioritize and customize the OBIA modules to your specific needs
  • Provide an experienced, reliable partnership on establishing best practices and methodologies for the life cycle management of your BI program, including identifying and engaging business users to become champions of BI within your organization
  • Support your ongoing needs through iterative release cycles that will improve your organization's utilization of the application and continue to add valuethrough iterative problem solving and maturity.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

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Built using best in class hardware, market- leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers speed of thought analysis with unmatched intelligence, simplicity and manageability. For customers evaluating Oracle Exalytics, MindStream Analytics houses an Oracle Exalytics machine dedicated to 'sandbox' environment testing.

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