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OBIA - Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

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Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information which helps executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions. Whether your organization is new to leveraging Oracle's enterprise wide solutions or has been doing it for over a decade, there is untold potential to analyzing your data with Oracle's leading Business Intelligence tools.

Oracle provides a wide range of pre-built applications to serve as the starting point of integrating a broad variety of process systems with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) . This allows OBIEE to consume data from these systems and generate robust, intuitive, and deeply informative dashboards and analyses that will reveal the story of your organizations performance, finances, and other metrics for all levels of your business to understand.

Oracle Business Intelligence is a unique platform that enables companies to uncover new insights and make faster, more informed business decisions by offering visual analytics and self-service discovery together with enterprise analytics. Instant mobile, highly interactive dashboards, powerful operational reporting, just-in-time alerts, content and metadata search, strategy management, native access to Big Data sources, sophisticated in-memory computing, and streamlined systems management combine to make it a comprehensive solution that reduces the total cost of ownership and increases return on investment for your entire organization.

Have you customized your E-Business Suite, Oracle CRM , or other enterprise system? MindStream Analytics will partner with you to evaluate and implement Oracle's packages to configure and customize them to your specific environment to leverage all of the customizations you've done to your transactional systems within your BI tool sets. When you engage with MindStream, we will

  • Evaluate your current systems
  • Deploy off the shelf versions of the OBIA modules
  • Prioritize and customize the OBIA modules to your specific needs
  • Provide an experienced, reliable partnership on establishing best practices and methodologies for the life cycle management of your BI program, including identifying and engaging business users to become champions of BI within your organization
  • Support your ongoing needs through iterative release cycles that will improve your organization's utilization of the application and continue to add valuethrough iterative problem solving and maturity.

Learn how we can help tap into your existing data to provide world class Business Intelligence to better understand your organization and how to create sustainable growth. MindStream can guide you to solutions that enhance business modeling and enables better analysis and insight into your data. Our practice has grown from a dedicated team of professionals who have pooled resources to create a powerful network of people who all share our collective company purpose and values. We believe that the power of technology combined with best practices will give customers the ability to make fact-based decisions to help grow their business.

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