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XY Planning

Case Study

XY Planning Upgrades Financial Planning with MindStream Analytics and NetSuite

XY Planning Network NetSuite Implementation

As fee-only financial advisors, XY Planning has carved out a niche by specializing in providing expert financial guidance to Generation X and Y clientele. Their finance department, essential for their services, sought a refined and more systematic approach to their planning and forecasting.

The Challenge:

Despite their specialization in financial advice, XY Planning faced hurdles in their internal finance operations:

  • Absence of an employee planning system, causing inefficiencies in forecasting.
  • A pressing need to establish a robust Sales/COGS & Expense forecasting mechanism.
  • An interest in enhancing their reporting capabilities for actuals and forecasts.

The Solution:

MindStream Analytics, well-versed in addressing such challenges, presented a comprehensive solution:

  • Introduction of the "Workforce" module, enabling XY Planning to meticulously plan at the employee level, ensuring accurate financial forecasting.
  • For better management of forecast and budget, the OpEx and Sales/COGs modules were integrated.
  • SmartView was a pivotal addition, empowering the XY Planning team to craft their own customized reports, aligning with their specific requirements.


The partnership with MindStream Analytics bore fruitful results:

  • Successful deployment of the NetSuite Planning & Budgeting solution, tailored to fit the unique needs of XY Planning.
  • A streamlined process was established, with data being loaded automatically. This transformed both their reporting and forecasting endeavors.
  • XY Planning has proficiently adopted the Workforce and OpEx modules, using them to their full potential to enhance their financial operations.

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