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Today, every organization is looking to getmore from analytics-using more datato drive deeper insights faster, for morepeople-and all for less.To meet those goals, you need a robustplatform that supports the entire analyticprocess with the security, flexibility, andreliability you expect. It needs to help youempower your users to do self-serviceanalysis without sacrificing governance. Andit must be easy to administer.But how can you get the benefits of anenterprise-class system without enterprise classcosts and infrastructure?

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is a cost-effective, enterprise-class analytics platform in thecloud that empowers you to do more with less.

  • Use the Cloud -get the performance andpeace of mind you expect from the cloud,so you can focus on streamlining analyticsto drive innovation.
  • Manage Data Easily -Oracle Database inthe cloud means you can do it all: enableself-service data loading, reuse existingdata integrations and applications, and usea wide array of tools and industry
  • Show the Story -dozens of interactivevisualizations, automatic suggestions,and self-service discovery make it easyfor you or your users to create compellinganalytics.
  • Extend Your Analytics -enhance yourdata while ensuring consistency, andmaintaining governance through standarddefinitions, advanced calculations, andpredictive analytical functions.
  • Make It Mobile -your analytics are availableimmediately and securely on any device, withno extra work, so it's simple for you to enablemobile for your organization.
  • On Your Terms -BICS is an agile platformthat provides fine-grained security, is easyto administer, automates backups andpatching, and puts you in control of changemanagement.

MindStream Analytics can help you with your Oracle Bi Cloud Service. We will:

  • Evaluate your current systems
  • Deploy the vanilla, or off the shelf, versions of the OBIA modules
  • Prioritize and customize the OBIA modules to your specific needs
  • Provide an experienced, reliable partnership on establishing best practices and methodologies for the life cycle management of your BI program, including identifying and engaging business users to become champions of BI within your organization
  • Support your ongoing needs through iterative release cycles that will improve your organization's utilization of the application and continue to add valuethrough iterative problem solving and maturity.

Contact us now to learn more about our experience and how we can help tap into your existing data to provide world class Business Intelligence to better understand your business and how to create sustainable growth.

For more information on how MindStream Analytics can help you take your vision and transform it into a winning game plan please visit our company website at or call us at 1-800-497-0151.

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Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services Datasheet

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services Datasheet

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