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Case Study

Transforming Supply Chain Execution: Kaleris' Journey to Operational Efficiency with MindStream Analytics and NetSuite

Kaleris MindStream NetSuite Implementation

Kaleris is a distinguished leader in the realm of cloud-based supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions. Their expertise lies in providing innovative and efficient solutions to enhance supply chain functionality.


Before the intervention of MindStream Analytics and the implementation of NetSuite, Kaleris faced significant operational challenges:

  • Reliance on Outdated Methods: Kaleris heavily relied on Excel spreadsheets for forecast planning. This approach was not only outdated but also inefficient for handling complex data.
  • Difficulty in Variance Tracking: Managing and tracking variances across multiple companies and different currencies was a cumbersome process.
  • Time-Consuming Reporting: Manual department level reporting was a tedious and time-intensive task, hindering productivity and efficiency.


MindStream Analytics, leveraging the robust capabilities of NetSuite, implemented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

  • Integration Solution: A system was built to update daily transactional data with the option for on-demand updates, ensuring real-time accuracy.
  • Smart View Utilization: The implementation of Smart View allowed Kaleris to quickly analyze data, adjust budgets, forecast, and create 'what if' scenarios for multiple variance analyses.
  • Premium Model Configuration: Custom configurations were set up to detail specifics across various countries and local currencies, addressing the challenge of global operations.
  • Efficiency Improvement: The new system decreased cycle time by a remarkable 69%, showcasing significant efficiency gains.


  • Phase I: Kaleris has been actively utilizing the NetSuite tool for forecasting, variance analysis, and scenario planning.
  • Phase II: Currently in progress, this phase aims to introduce more complexity into the system, including multi-book capabilities.

The collaboration between MindStream Analytics and Kaleris, through the implementation of NetSuite, has revolutionized Kaleris' operational efficiency. By moving away from traditional methods and embracing innovative technology, Kaleris is now positioned at the forefront of supply chain technology solutions, ready to face the dynamic challenges of today’s global market.

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