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What is Oracle EPM Automate?

Oracle EPM Automate

Are you worried about the lack of familiar on-premise administrative utilities like MaxL and LCM with Oracle Cloud Solutions? You don't have to be! EPM Automate is an easy to use command line utility that allows you to remotely perform and automate administrative tasks for your Oracle Cloud instance.

Oracle EPM Automate can perform administrative tasks like importing and exporting metadata and data, refreshing and clearing cubes, etc. It is supported by ARCS (Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service), EPBCS (Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), FCCS (Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service), PBCS (Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), PCMCS (Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service) and TRCS (Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Service) applications.

EPM Automate Utility enables Service Administrators to automate many repeatable tasks including:

  • Import and export metadata, data, artifact and application snapshots, templates, and Data Management mappings
  • Upload files into environments, list files and delete files from the service
  • Download snapshots, reports, and metadata and data files from the service
  • Run business rules on data, and refresh the application
  • Copy data from one database to another; typically, from a block storage database to an aggregate storage database or from a block storage database to another block storage database
  • Run a Data Management batch rule
  • Generate Data Management reports, provisioning report, and user audit report
  • Import pre-mapped balance data, currency rates, pre-mapped transactions, balances data, and profiles into Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud
  • Copy profiles to a period to initiate the reconciliation process
  • Deploy the calculation cube of an Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud application
  • Clear, copy, and delete Point of Views in Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud applications
  • Replay Oracle Smart View for Office load on an environment to enable performance testing under heavy load
  • Import supplemental data from a file into Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (FCCS)

You can create scripts that can complete a wide array of tasks and automate their execution using a scheduler, e.g., create a script to download the daily maintenance backup from environments to create local backups of your artifacts and data.


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