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MacLean Fogg Case Study

Modernizing Financial Systems at MacLean-Fogg with MindStream

MacLean Fogg

MacLean-Fogg, a family-owned manufacturing enterprise with diverse business groups, faced a significant challenge in maintaining their financial systems. They operated on version for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA), and Financial Reporting (FR), which were no longer fully supported by Oracle, falling into sustaining support. Moreover, their existing operating systems were not in compliance with the latest standards. The company had aspirations to move towards a cloud-based solution in the future, but they were confronted with an immediate need for a system upgrade.

Furthermore, MacLean-Fogg had decided to divest a portion of their business, MacLean Power Systems, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Solution Delivered: To address the pressing need for an updated financial system, MacLean-Fogg partnered with MindStream, a leading implementor specializing in modernizing and optimizing enterprise systems. MindStream's experts took on the challenge and embarked on a journey to enhance MacLean-Fogg's financial operations.

The project kicked off with the installation and configuration of version 11.2 of HFM, EPMA, and FR in both the development (DEV) and production (PROD) environments. MindStream meticulously managed this transition, ensuring that the implementation was seamlessly integrated into MacLean-Fogg's existing infrastructure.

Throughout the process, MindStream's dedicated team provided unwavering support during testing phases and diligently updated critical artifacts, ensuring the successful rollout of the new software version. This comprehensive approach guaranteed that MacLean-Fogg's financial operations remained unhindered and that all associated applications and systems were functioning optimally.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing support, MacLean-Fogg decided to transition to MindStream's AppCare service. This transition ensured that they would continue to receive the necessary support and expertise for their financial systems, maintaining the smooth operation of their critical processes.

Results Achieved: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of MacLean-Fogg's internal teams and MindStream's experts, the company successfully completed the upgrade to version 11.2 of HFM, EPMA, and FR. Rigorous testing was conducted to validate the performance and compatibility of all artifacts associated with the applications.

With the upgraded financial systems in place, MacLean-Fogg was empowered to continue utilizing HFM for their close and financial reporting processes. Additionally, a separate installation and configuration project was effectively executed to support the specific requirements of the divested MacLean Power Systems business.

The successful implementation not only addressed MacLean-Fogg's immediate need for a more robust financial system but also set the stage for future advancements, including their eventual transition to a cloud-based solution.

By partnering with MindStream, MacLean-Fogg overcame the challenges posed by outdated and unsupported financial systems. Through the installation, configuration, testing, and ongoing support of version 11.2 of HFM, EPMA, and FR, MacLean-Fogg achieved a seamless transition that enabled them to continue their financial operations without disruption. This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration between innovative implementors like MindStream and forward-thinking enterprises like MacLean-Fogg in driving transformation and achieving operational excellence.

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