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What is Oracle ExaData?

Offering Oracle Exadata Cloud Services

The Oracle Exadata Cloud service lets your largest business critical database run on the cloud letting you focus on growing your business.

The Exadata Cloud Service is engineered to support OLTP, Data Warehouse / Real-Time Analytic and Mixed database workloads at any scale. With this service, you maintain control of your database while Oracle manages the hardware, storage and networking infrastructure letting you focus on growing your business.

Oracle Exadata on-premise offers complete security and control over the information systems in your data center. It can increase staff productivity, improve resource utilization for database workloads, and reduce downtime by up to 94 percent.

Oracle Exadata Cloud is a remotely-managed public cloud service that allows customers to pay on an as-needed basis. Oracle Exadata in the cloud combines the benefits of on premises and cloud by increasing business agility and operational flexibility with zero CapEx and the ability to scale-out quickly and easily.

Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer provides flexible cloud service that keeps customer IT systems behind their firewall, can be expanded or contracted as necessary. It allows customers to bring Oracle Cloud to their own data centers, combine cloud simplicity with on-premises deployment, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Get Your Oracle Database in the Cloud

Get an enterprise proven database cloud service to support any size workload from development to a large scale production deployment that can easily scale to delivera faster time to value and great savings.

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