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Case Study

Celgene Hyperion Implementation


Celgene is a multinational biopharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide. Their mission as a company is to build a major global biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on the discovery, the development, and the commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions. Celgene sells each drug under strict risk management plans that ensure they are safely administered. The firm has other drugs in development that combat inflammatory diseases and cancer.

After completing a Functional and Technical Application Review, Celgene sought to apply these insights and best practices to an Oracle Hyperion Planning upgrade to version With the goal of increasing the capabilities of their budgeting, planning, and forecasting process, the existing Celgene applications had significant opportunities for improvement. With a new functional budgeting and forecasting process, Celgene reached out to MindStream to replace their inefficient data integration process and enhance overall application performance. Celgene's main concerns included forward adaptability of their system to expand over time, without having to rework core foundations or negatively affect performance, as business processes change. Too much time was spent managing the ebb and flow of data, constricting their opportunities for true business analysis.

Solution :

First, MindStream upgraded their Hyperion Planning to 11.1.2, stabilizing their environment. This upgrade, along with some tactical redesign of the application architecture and underlying plan types, simplified and consolidated both the number of applications and total number of environments. Together with the improved functionality of Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) in system, the new environment improved the management of metadata across multiple applications.

During the upgrade, Celgene utilized MindStream's Development environment located in their Amazon Cloud slice. The service enabled Celgene to begin the project while they were in the process of procuring and staging their Production hardware. Once the application was ready, MindStream then facilitated the application migration to Celgene's permanent environment.

In addition, MindStream implemented Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) to not only ensure data integrity but to save time spent on data reconciliation and maintenance. This gave way to more time for analysis, an ultimate goal of the organization. Oracle Hyperion's data integration and validation tool improved data flow and automated data feeds directly from PeopleSoft. Finally, the new application leveraged Oracle Hyperion Essbase to improve management reporting capabilities. Using certain configurations of the Essbase's powerful engine, budget reporting submission and analysis could be done more swiftly, integrating data smoothly from PeopleSoft to Hyperion for a full view of the business.


The organization was able to report back a smooth transition to a new, more stablized Oracle Hyperion environment with the upgrade of the Planning application and related application architecture. The consolidation of applications across their American and European organizations with Corporate was key to a more simplified, dynamic environment, capable of adapting as their business grew and processes changed.

Throughout the project, many processes are implemented as opportunities for efficiencies and process improvements arose, including: implementation of defragmentation and error routines, business process advisement on use/elimination of dimensions (including Legal Entity and Currency), automation of data feeds from PeopleSoft to Hyperion, improved calculations for allowing more what-if-scenarios, enabling Dynamic Time Series, and more. Together with the implementation of FDM for data flow enhancement,levering Essbase provided for improved management reporting, No longer hindered by inefficient processes and applications, Celgene was now capturing the full value of their Hyperion investments.

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