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Case Study

Enlyte Transforms P&C Performance with OneStream and NetSuite


Enlyte, a merger of Mitchell, Genex, and Coventry, faced challenges with disparate financial solutions and the need for combined reporting. Mitchell utilized Adaptive Insights, while Genex and Coventry employed different Oracle solutions for CPM. Enlyte sought a comprehensive solution to unify data from the three companies.

Enlyte engaged MindStream to address these issues and achieve their goals. MindStream proposed a phased approach for the adoption and rollout of OneStream, a powerful financial consolidation and reporting platform. The initial phase focused on management reporting, enabling Enlyte to gain insights into their operations.

To facilitate seamless integration, MindStream implemented a direct connect integration between NetSuite ERP and OneStream. This integration enabled the transfer of both metadata and data, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting. MindStream also employed NetSuite saved searches for the integrations, updating them for the rollout to Coventry and Genex.

The outcomes were highly successful. OneStream was successfully rolled out for management reporting, allowing Enlyte to consolidate financial information from the three merged companies. The NetSuite Direct Connect provided a reliable and robust data and metadata feed. Encouraged by the results, Enlyte continued to enhance their solution with MindStream's support, incorporating additional features such as Books and Parcel Service for batch reporting.

Looking ahead, Enlyte and MindStream are collaboratively planning future phases, focusing on Planning and Consolidations. This strategic partnership ensures that Enlyte remains on track to transform their P&C performance and achieve their vision of a better future.

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