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Oracle EPM Standard Cloud vs EPM Enterprise Cloud - How they compare?

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud services ensure a connected and agile experience across multiple business processes. The business processes and features available depend on the specific EPM Cloud service that you purchase.

Below is an overview of the business processes available in each solution:

oracle emp standard cloud services vs epm enterprise cloud

A closer look at Oracle EPM Standard Cloud Service

EPM Standard Cloud Service is a suite of business processes designed primarily for small to mid-sized businesses and those with lower complexity requirements to support planning and budgeting, consolidation and close, account reconciliation, and narrative reporting processes.

Data Management, which enables you to integrate data from source systems, and command-line tools, such as Oracle Smart View for Office and EPM Automate, are also included.

In the EPM Standard Cloud, you can deploy one of the following business processes:

  • Planning
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Financial Consolidation and Close
  • Narrative Reporting

A closer look at Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud Service

The EPM Enterprise Cloud Service comprises the full suite of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud business processes supporting activities spanning across planning and budgeting, consolidation and close, account reconciliation, profitability and cost management, tax reporting, enterprise data management, and narrative reporting.

The EPM Enterprise Cloud Service allows you to deploy one of the following business processes:

Oracle Cloud Planning - Custom Planning, module-based Planning, and Free Form planning is supported to deliver instant value and greater productivity for business planners, analysts, and decision-makers across all lines of business.

Custom Planning enables a streamlined process-driven custom solution. Module-based Planning comes bundled with pre-packaged Capital, Financials, Projects, Strategic Modeling, and Workforce modules.

Free Form Planning helps you to create an unrestricted free form dimension solution using an Essbase outline file. Additionally, EPM Enterprise Cloud Service supports the use of the Groovy scripting language to customize business rules in the Planning business process.

Account Reconciliation - This business process with transaction matching support is used to automate the process of validating your company's financial accounts by checking the account balances for accuracy. Transaction matching helps automate the process of reconciling high volume or labor-intensive reconciliations and integrating results into the tracking features within reconciliation compliance.

Financial Consolidation and Close - This business process supports consolidation and close process tasks with default, prebuilt calculations. You can create custom calculations and complex ownership structures and automate consolidation and close tasks.

Financial Consolidation and Close comes bundled with Supplemental Data Manager and Close Manager modules, and also supports the integration of Close Manager with other services.

Narrative Reporting - Along with Disclosure Management, this business process provides a secure, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management report packages.

Enterprise Data Management - this business process helps you manage business viewpoints, govern changes across them, share and map data sets to accelerate deployment, and build an authoritative system of reference.

Profitability and Cost Management - this business process helps you manage the cost and revenue allocations that are necessary to compute profitability for a business segment, such as a product, customer, region, or branch.

Tax Reporting - this business process calculates your company's global tax provision, effective tax rate, and deferred tax for tax provisioning purposes following the standards for accounting for income taxes under GAAP and IFRS.

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