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What is Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Oracle Cloud Analytics

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides comprehensive cloud analytics in a single unified platform, including everything from self-service visualization and powerful inline data preparation to enterprise reporting, advanced analytics, and self-learning analytics that deliver proactive insights. OAC allows you to interact with your personal data, harmonize data sources, collate and manage disparate inputs, and handle data with coherence and consistency during organizational sharing. You can review and visualize both personal and corporate data and gain insights at key stages of the iterative information cycle.

The key capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud include:

  • Oracle Data Visualization, a self-service approach to enable users to create visuals to explain their results and share them with colleagues
  • Data preparation and enrichment, which is built into the analytics cloud platform
  • Business scenario modeling with Essbase , an industry-leading modeling engine for self-service, multidimensional, and visual analyses
  • Proactive mobile that learns your routine and delivers contextual insights, at the right time and location in your daily activities while on the go
  • Enterprise reporting, governance, and security, with a semantic layer that maps complex data into familiar business terms and offers a consolidated view of data across the organization

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a complete and cost-effective platform that lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO); reduces your effort to deploy, manage, and maintain analytics; grows with you as your business changes; adjusts to your needs, enabling you to add services and capacity for peak times, and remove them when you're done; and empowers you to drive faster, more accurate analysis.

Oracle Analytics Cloud editions:

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Standard: This provides Oracle Data Visualization capabilities on Oracle's managed platform, including autonomous self-service discovery and data prep across the web, desktop, and mobile.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase: This includes the Standard edition plus accelerated analysis via Essbase and support for creating scalable, shareable, high-performance data flows.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Enterprise: This includes the Standard edition plus support for a full semantic layer that enables proactive analytics via Oracle Day by Day, lift and shift for the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and live optimized connectivity to data warehouses.

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