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OneStream Sales Planning

OneStream is a powerful financial platform to help businesses streamline their consolidation, planning, reporting, data quality, and financial signaling. The OneStream MarketPlace Solutions were developed to further expand on these areas. This system marketplace has over 50 pre-configured solutions to help your team accomplish various tasks, including productivity solutions, planning and analysis solutions, and financial close solutions.

Sales Planning Solution

Sales Planning is a OneStream MarketPlace solution specifically designed to assist with your company's financial planning. This tool creates a unified data model that aligns your financial plan with all relevant data: customers, sales targets, products, pricing, and more.

Businesses can leverage OneStream's built-in visualizations and reports to communicate results and increase collaboration across departments. Sales Planning will improve dialogue across managers and allow for data-driven decision-making.

Sales Planning uses pre-built drivers derived from your financial targets to build dynamic sales plans. These plans can drill down to the rep or prospect level, maximizing visibility into your sales funnel.

Create Various Scenarios and Forecasts

A unique feature provided by OneStream's Sales Planning solution is the ability to manage both top-down and bottom-up scenarios and plans. Rather than requiring you to manage your data from one direction, this tool enables you to adjust forecasts at any level and develop rolled-up reports for upper management.

In other words, you can use this solution to plan sales at the opportunity level without sacrificing summarized reports and company-level outlooks. Your team can also make changes at each level so that you can improve your reporting by geography, region, subsidiary, or other relevant groupings.

SalesForce Integration

OneStream's Sales Planning solution can be directly integrated with SalesForce to ensure that you can import, track, and manage all sales opportunities accurately and efficiently.

Once the data is linked, you can easily update your quotas, key account owners, territory assignments, and other plan changes at the deal level. It also enables users to plan and model opportunities by stage - further improving your forecasting ability and allowing you to pinpoint what is working well in your sales process and what is not.

Another benefit of the Sales Planning tool is that it can create plans and model opportunities by stage or for the entire pipeline. When you combine these features with the ability to create periodic forecasts, your team should always have a clear view of what their sales will look like.


The Sales Planning solution can be deployed across OneStream to align your entire planning and forecasting process. For instance, you can use it alongside People Planning to review different hiring scenarios, determine new sales assignments, and perform additional what-if analysis - all while understanding how each decision will impact the overall financials of your business.

Sales Planning can help you unify sales forecasts by territory, manager, or geography with revenue plans. Similarly, you can drill back from dashboards and other financial reports to get to the granular sales plans. This improves overall transparency into underlying operations and can support your audit process.

Overall, this solution allows you to develop fully integrated business plans, eliminate planning silos, and empower your managers to make strategic decisions.

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