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What to do if you experience the 500 Internal Server Error in OneStream XF

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While upgrading OneStream XF to version 6.0.0, I encountered an error: "HTTP Err0r 500.19 - Internal Server Error." Here's what happened and how I was able to resolve it quickly.

After completing all the required upgrade steps in the release notes and restarting IIS - I proceeded to open the application through Internet Explorer and received this error message:

Internal Server Error OneStream XF

I followed the path to the web config file in the OneStreamWebRoot file path:

OneStream App WebRoot

I then open the "Web.config" file in Notepad ++ and navigated to lines 67-69 as error had reported. I then commented out these lines in the code, saved it, and closed the file:

OneStream Webroot Web Config

I relaunched Internet Explorer but received this error in my journey through the upgrade:

OneStream App IE Error 500

"The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error." So, I clicked the "..." box to show me more information on this:

OneStream App Error 500 Details

Right then� I had an epiphany. Maybe the bad line of code existed in the application root web.config file as well. I navigated to that file:

OneStream App Web Config Path

Again, I opened the file in notepad ++ and, low and behold, on lines 52-59 I could see the same coding.

OneStream Error 500 Fix

I proceeded to comment out those lines in the code, saved it, and closed the file. I then gave IIS a good ole fashioned start:

OneStream App IIS Restart

Then I proceeded to launch Internet Explorer� and, sure enough, the OneStream application loaded perfectly!

OneStream App Login Screen Error 500 Fix

Now, time to get working within my OneStream application using this exciting new 6.0.0 version!

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