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OneStream vs SAP BPC

OneStream vs SAP BPC

The OneStream XF SmartCPM platform (XF = extensible finance) unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics, and financial data. Deployed on the cloud or on-premise, OneStream provides customers with a choice regarding their deployment model, i.e., deploy in the cloud today or deploy the platform on-premise, then migrate to the cloud when ready.

onestream vs sap bpc

OneStream is a proven alternative to legacy CPM (corporate performance management) applications. Hundreds of organizations have made the decision to replace SAP BPC and other legacy applications with OneStream XF .

OneStream Offering - benefits to customers who have implemented OneStream's platform include:

Reduces time, effort, and cost of maintaining legacy applications

  • Reduces costs of ownership and upgrades, reduces risks and integration points across systems
  • Shifts finance staff time from admin to value-added analysis

Streamlines/simplifies financial close, consolidation, and reporting

  • Collects, validates and integrates data from financial and operational systems, enables drill-through to transactional details
  • Automates manual steps in the financial close/consolidation process
  • Supports complex global consolidation and reporting requirements

Improves agility in budgeting, planning. and forecasting

  • Aligns with financial close and actual reporting
  • Links corporate plans and forecasts to more detailed operating plans
  • More agile planning, such as rolling forecasts and driver-based plans

Accelerates delivery of new applications and business insights

  • Extensibility supports the rapid creation of new solutions
  • OneStream's XF MarketPlace enables deployment of new applications quickly and enables rapid update with new features

SAP Offering

Based on several acquisitions, SAP is currently offering the following CPM solutions:

  • Consolidation: SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation
  • Reporting/Disclosures: SAP BusinessObjects Disclosure Management
  • Planning: SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)

There are four different versions of SAP BPC are available:

  • BPC 10 Microsoft
  • BPC 10.1 NetWeaver (Standard & Embedded)
  • BPC 10.1 Optimized for S/4HANA
  • BPC 11 for BW/4HANA (Standard & Embedded)
onestream vs sap

In addition, SAP has recently introduced:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) - a newer planning and analytics cloud offering
  • SAP Group Reporting - a rebuilt version of its 2002 BCS consolidation and reporting product for S/4 HANA.

SAP Group Reporting and Analytics Cloud for Planning require that customers move to S/4 HANA Cloud for their ERP. SAP Analytics Cloud is not as mature as SAP BPC, so SAP proposes a "hybrid" strategy during the transition (on-premise BPC customers use the existing BPC product in conjunction with Analytics Cloud, until the functionality matures to the same level as BPC.)

SAP will be dropping support for its legacy on-premise BPC solutions over the next 5 years and will encourage customers to migrate to new CPM solutions that, while built on the SAP HANA platform, are still fragmented in nature.

What are the alternatives for SAP BPC customers or those using other legacy CPM applications?
  •  Stay with your current products (no innovation and declining/expiring support.)
  •  Migrate to new SAP CPM solutions (implementation to immature/fragmented solutions that may deliver less functionality than current solutions.)
  •  Move to an alternative CPM platform that integrates well into an SAP environment and provides a clear strategy for the future.
MindStream Offering

MindStream Analytics, a OneStream Diamond partner , offers years of experience in the Analytics and Corporate Performance Management area. MindStream offers services ranging from software selection and implementation, to cloud readiness assessments and managed services with our award-winning AppCare solution. With our leadership and team of functional and technical experts, we are dedicated to helping our clients of various sizes and industries improve their financial planning, reporting, data management, and business analytics.

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OneStream aligns to your business needs and changes more quickly and easily than any other product by offering one platform and one model for all financial CPM solutions. OneStream employs Guided Workflows, validations and flexible mapping to deliver data quality confidence for all collections and analysis while reducing risk throughout the entire auditable financial process.

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