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OneStream MarketPlace Solutions: Thing Planning

OneStream Thing Planning

OneStream is a powerful financial platform developed to help companies streamline their consolidation, planning, reporting, data quality, and financial signaling. To further expand on these areas, the OneStream MarketPlace Solutions were developed. The OneStream MarketPlace has more than 50 pre-configured solutions to help, including productivity solutions, planning and analysis solutions, and financial close solutions.

Thing Planning

Thing Planning is a MarketPlace solution that OneStream created to assist with all your company's financial planning. Specifically, it is a free-form modeling tool that allows you to plan at specific driver levels. This granular planning is highly flexible but still dynamically aligns with your other financial models.

There are many business cases for the Thing Planning solution, including project planning, unconstrained demand forecasting, product line planning, and sales and operational analysis. Since the module is built to allow you to forecast business drivers across your organization, it is the perfect solution to fill in the gaps that standard, out-of-the-box tools may not support.

Project Planning

OneStream's Thing Planning solution can be used to model and forecast a specific project's financial aspects. The flexible tool can tie together budgeting, cost management, revenue estimates, billing, and more.

That means management can tie in this granular data to their overall financial plan, improving transparency and auditability. Unconstrained Demand Forecasting

Unconstrained demand forecasting is a powerful tool that allows businesses to determine the highest level of customer demand they can support. In other words, it solves for the total amount of sales the company could make solely based on the market's demand.

Unlike traditional supply-side focused forecasts, these reports can be trickier to develop. They don't consider any of the constraints you would typically incorporate to meet the total forecasted market demand, so you need a flexible tool like OneStream's Thing Planning solution to get the job done. By incorporating this into your financial planning process, Thing Planning can help you prepare to meet that level of demand if needed. Product Line Planning

Thing Planning can also forecast at the product line or SKU level. There are many benefits to planning at this granular level, such as improving work efficiency and reducing risks related to inventory.

Increasing management's understanding of which products drive revenue and costs, as well as what sales volumes to expect, can significantly improve their decision-making capabilities and allow them to adjust as needed strategically.


Thing Planning is a tool offered as part of OneStream's MarketPlace Solutions that is designed to fill in the gaps not covered by other modeling programs. While it is geared towards sales and operational planning, it is extremely flexible and allows the business to choose which drivers to model and forecast.

When you integrate Thing Planning into your financial processes, you can easily align factors like supply and demand to your traditional P&L and balance sheet planning efforts. As such, this solution supports executive decision-making and ensures you adapt your financial plan to be relevant to your industry and business.

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