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OneStream formatting when dividing by 0

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While working in OneStream, users may experience formatting issues when trying to get a ratio by dividing a specific POV by another POV. A formatting issue happens when the denominator is 0, and since you can't divide by 0, formatting the equation improperly will result in a formatting issue when viewing the results. This issue can appear while using cube view math, member formulas, or business rules. If you don't use the proper expressions while writing your equation, you will see the issue arise when you open a CubeView or a Dashboard that is using the expression.

Cube View Math Formatting Error

onestream select member filter

onestream division by zero error

The first example is trying to use a GetDataCell expression in the last column to retrieve the year-over-year result. The GetDataCell being used can be seen below, followed by the results of the data explorer view.

As you can tell from the results, OneStream spits out a long string of numbers for the line item that has a 0 as the denominator. To fix this issue using cube view math, make sure you use the proper GetDataCell Divide Expression.

divide by 0 onestream

onestream empty cell divide by 0

After updating your column GetDataCell expression, you can see that OneStream shows nothing for the result as you can't divide by 0.

Business Rule Formatting Error

The same issue occurs when dividing using any kind of business rule. For example, below, I am using an XFBR to retrieve the data, and you will see that the result is the same as the cube view example.

xfbr code error divide by zero

onestream business formatting error

Using OneStream's divide function will fix this issue and ensure your results are recorded correctly.

onestream divide by zero code fix

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