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OneStream - Automating and Monitoring Action Scripts

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OneStream XF offers a unified alternative to legacy EPM/CPM applications . The OneStream platform, available on-premise and on the Cloud, simplifies and aligns financial consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis processes of growing global enterprises.

In this blog, I will provide an overview of OneStream data loads. To begin, set up the integration settings of the cube to define which dimensions in the cube data can be loaded to. These settings structure the Workflow profile staging areas and decide the dimensions that are enabled for the data sources i.e. must have values assigned to them to load to the correct intersections.

Once the cube integrations settings are defined, data integration within OneStream is done via the Workflow profiles . Each workflow profile has assigned to it certain base entities and has settings that can vary by scenario types so each data source in OneStream loads to an entity, scenario type, and year. OneStream allows for four kinds of data sources - fixed width files, delimited files, connectors, and data management export sequences. File-based loads include text or Excel files while the data connectors are configured using VBScript, which forms the basis of OneStream. Finally, the data management sequences can be used to load data directly from data management jobs within other source systems.

There are three default steps to importing data from a data source in OneStream -

  • 1. Import - transforms the source data using the transformation rules i.e. mappings and loads the transformed data into the OneStream staging area where it can be viewed by column
  • 2. Validate - check the transformation rules with the data source to confirm that all rows in the data are mapped to a valid intersection in the cube
  • 3. Load - loads the transformed source data to the target intersection in the cube

In upcoming blogs, I will further elaborate on data integration elements including demarcating the target dimensions for the data loads from a file-based source and creating transformation rules in OneStream.

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