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OneStream Task Manager

OneStream MarketPlace Solutions: Task Manager

OneStream is a powerful financial platform to help any business streamline their consolidation, planning, reporting, data quality, and financial signaling. To further expand on these areas the OneStream MarketPlace Solutions were developed. The OneStream MarketPlace has more than 50 pre-configured solutions to help including productivity solutions, planning and analysis solutions, and financial close solutions.

Managing all your company's processes and keeping track of the status of every process in different systems and which processes rely on each other can be a large task for anyone. When the complexities are too much it can hinder performance. The OneStream MarketPlace Task Manager solution can help automate and streamline the workflow processes.

Security around user roles and tasks performed within each role is one of the most important aspects around Task Management. The Task Manager solution provides greater visibility to the tasks, task groups, and workflows assigned to these groups. With this insight, segregation of duties is easily managed from start to finish of all processes. Task Manager reports provide an understanding of the status around each task, which users or groups, performed the task, and where in the workflow the task is.

Visual progress charts are a key feature of the Task Manager solution. These charts provide managers with real-time access to scorecards that give a summary view of all tasks within their team. Managers are able to drill down into the details of each task. The tasks can navigate users to the workflows requiring completion. Gantt charts are another visual aid provided with the Task Manager solution. Additional input forms aid managers to add in the status from other systems to trigger task notifications for users to begin the next step in the process with no delay.

Disclosure management is a tool available with the Task Manager solution. This enables the collaboration across users to share documents needed for various connected tasks. Users can share direct messages with an integrated OneStream messaging platform. Messages can be attached to specific tasks as notes to assist in the workflow process and completion of the task. The tool can allow managers to post deadlines and notify managers of overdue tasks.

The OneStream MarketPlace Task Manager solution is a valuable aid to any company. It empowers managers with greater insight into the overall status of tasks. Provides managers the ability to segregate duties and provide quality control over task completions. Managers can assist their teams in completing tasks and communicate with other teams on combined tasks. Utilize disclosure management to share Microsoft Office documents from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to aid in the completion of the overall process.

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