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Built-In vs. Build: End-User and Developer Efficiencies in OneStream XF

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Why spend time and money developing something that OneStream XF offers out of the box? Other software solutions require consulting expenses to develop a way to provide Finance with a TTM (Trailing 12 Month) P&L statement. And, since they only provide "Periodic, QTD or YTD" views as part of the out-of-the-box solution, this limits users to views of data within the current year. As part of. the costly development of TTM, there is always testing, UAT, etc., which only adds time and expense to the project timeline. The developer would have to build calculations, typically using up a Custom Dimension, and then apply the calculation to the P&L Accounts.

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With Onestream XF , a TTM P&L is one click away, as OneStream has incorporated the TTM as a selection in the view dimension. Of course, OneStream XF offers the Periodic, QTD and YTD standard views, but also includes many other selections "out of the box."

The beauty of additional Onestream XF view dimension options is that, once you have built a P&L, you can simply change your POV of the view dimension and see your report as a Trailing 12 Months (without building separate report) rather than just Periodic, QTD or YTD. In addition, if a Controller wants to report their income statement accounts in a Trailing 2-month, 6-month, etc., those options are all available (Trailing2MonthTotal through Trailing12Month Total).

Check back for more updates as we blog about additional software features and their efficiencies.

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