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OneStream Marketplace

The OneStream MarketPlace provides more than 50 solutions customers can download, configure and deploy to easily extend the value of the OneStream platform.

Popular solutions include Account Reconciliation, Transaction Matching, People Planning, Thing Planning, and Predictive Analytics.

Extend the Value of OneStream

Extend your investment in the OneStream platform with solutions that quickly and easily allow you to address changing business requirements without adding complexity.

  • OneStream MarketPlace solutions are not bolt-on products. They extend the OneStream platform and all co-exist, working together.
  • Provides a simplified user experience and reduces the complexity, risk, and cost of deploying multiple solutions or applications.

Eliminate Technical Complexity

OneStream MarketPlace Solutions eliminate the noise of technical complexity and allow you to start solving your business problems on day one. All solutions come with complete documentation and instructions, and OneStream continues to expand it to deliver more content and more value.

Accelerate Time to Value

MarketPlace solutions can be downloaded, configured, and deployed within minutes to rapidly deliver new solutions to end-users.

Planning and Analysis Solutions extend the planning and analysis capabilities of the OneStream platform with solutions such as People Planning, Capital Planning, Cash Planning, Sales Planning, Thing Planning, and Predictive Analytics.

Productivity Solutions make life easier for OneStream administrators and end-users with productivity tools such as Task Manager, Parcel Service, Diagnostics 123, and more.

Financial Close Solutions - extend the financial close and reporting capabilities of the OneStream platform with solutions such as Account Reconciliations, Transaction Matching, Tax Provision, and Compliance Solutions.

MindStream Power of One Webinar - OneStream Software

MindStream Power of One Webinar - OneStream Software


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OneStream CPM

OneStream aligns to your business needs and changes more quickly and easily than any other product by offering one platform and one model for all financial CPM solutions. OneStream employs Guided Workflows, validations and flexible mapping to deliver data quality confidence for all collections and analysis while reducing risk throughout the entire auditable financial process.

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