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OneStream Predictive Analytics

OneStream MarketPlace Solutions: Predictive Analytics

OneStream is a powerful financial platform to help any business streamline their consolidation, planning, reporting, data quality, and financial signaling. To further expand on these areas the OneStream MarketPlace Solutions were developed. The OneStream MarketPlace has more than 50 pre-configured solutions to help including productivity solutions, planning and analysis solutions, and financial close solutions.

The OneStream MarketPlace Predictive Analytics solution is a great tool to add to your financial planning application. The solution can increase productivity while providing high-quality insights into your financial planning. Utilizing pre-built predictive models to provide quick and unbiased financial plans. Having access to the results of these models, leaders can spend more time collaborating and making more informed decisions, and building a more accurate plan.

The built-in predictive models included in the OneStream MarketPlace solution automatically generate multiple financial reports. Pre-built dashboards can be used to see the financial reports as well as with the ability to easily adjust the forecast method. The various forecast methods include Simple Moving Average, Exponential Soothing, Seasonal Additive, ARIMA, SARIMA, and Holts-Winters.

Within the Predictive Analytics solution administrators have greater control over the analysis with the ability to go into the lowest level of detail. Administrators can define the scenario or term of the forecast. Datasets at each level can be targeted and assigned their own forecast method to improve the accuracy and control over the various aspects of the business. Create various versions of your forecast plans for long-range planning, rolling forecasts, and annual planning.

Human interference can create the greatest discrepancies across any financial plan. With disconnects across business units and different opinions, it can create an unbiased and misleading financial plan. Utilizing the Predictive Analytics solution can remove the bias and increase collaboration. The financial models automatically calculate and build out the financial plan without the bias of human judgment or potential for error in manual calculations. With the predictive models taking on most of the work, the leaders can increase their collaboration by providing their inputs directly in the solution leaving comments on their views.

Adding the Predictive Analytics solution to your OneStream application can increase the quality of your financial plan. The automation of the predictive models streamlines the financial planning process while having a completely unbiased opinion. Leaders have control over choosing the forecast method of each individual financial group at the most granular level. Managers across various business units can focus their attention on the collaboration of the entire team to develop the highest quality financial plan using the Predictive Analytics solution.

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