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OneStream XF provides market-leading data-integration and data-quality capabilities with seamless connections to more than 150 unique GL/ERP systems, on-premise or in the cloud. With 100% visibility from the source to the reports, data is clearly visible and easily accessible. And with full integration to ERPs and other systems, organizations can simplify business processes, reduce errors and inefficiencies, and allow their teams to be more efficient.

Data integration is one of the most critical aspects of implementing a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution because the effectiveness of your budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting processes is fully dependent on getting timely and accurate data from your GL/ERP, HCM, CRM, and other systems.

Here are some common use cases of data integration in CPM:

  • Loading GL trial balances for financial consolidation and reporting
  • Loading prior period actuals to seed the budget process or loading year-to-date actuals to
  • support rolling forecasts
  • Loading supplemental data for financial reporting, budgeting or tax provision
  • Loading detailed employee data from HCM systems for workforce planning
  • Loading detailed capital asset data from ERP systems for capital planning
  • Loading project data from ERP systems for project planning
  • Loading customer and prospect data from CRM systems for sales forecasting
  • Drilling through to transaction details for budget vs. actuals variance analysis

In today's corporate reporting environment, errors or omissions in financial statements can result in compliance penalties, loss of confidence by stakeholders, and often a reduction in market value. OneStream XF's financial data quality provides strict controls to deliver confidence and reliability in the quality of your data. OneStream's data integration capabilities include:

  • Trial Balance Summaries
  • Transaction Detail
  • Statistical/Non-financial Data
  • Employees, Jobs, and Positions
  • Leads, Opportunities
  • Users and User Security
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Dimensional Hierarchies
  • Operational Metrics
  • Currency Rates, and more

Data can be integrated into OneStream XF through several methods, with the most popular (and most powerful) being the "Direct Connect" approach. This approach enables OneStream to directly query source systems, load the data, and drill-through to transaction system details. In addition to Direct Connect, file-based sources can be loaded from spreadsheets compiled by contributors, delimited files from sources without an open interface, or third-party data to enrich the analysis or driver calculation.

These data files can be loaded through the interface as part of a workflow and included in the data validation sequence.

OneStream XF takes data integration to a new level thanks to these benefits:

  • Simplifies data collection, consolidation, and certification
  • Reduces costs of compliance, internal controls, and audit requirements
  • Improves confidence in the quality of financial results
  • Provides consistency and accuracy with complete transparency

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