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OneStream CPM

OneStream Corporate Performance Management

OneStream XF SmartCPM Platform - Be More Agile

OneStream provides a revolutionary corporate performance management (CPM) solution, the OneStream XF SmartCPM platform (XF stands for extensible finance). Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream is the first and only solution that delivers corporate standards and controls, with the flexibility for business units to report and plan at additional levels of detail without impacting corporate standards – all through a single application.

OneStream quickly and easily aligns to business changes by leveraging core planning, financial consolidation , data quality and financial reporting capabilities.

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What OneStream offers:

  • Increase Agility: Deliver the agility needed to quickly and easily adapt to business changes
  • Increase Control: Combine strict corporate controls with business unit operational relevance
  • Improved Insight: Gain the insight needed to make better decisions and drive profitability
  • Lower Risk & TCO: Reduce the integration risk and cost of deploying product and application reporting silos

Key advantages of OneStream:

  • One, unified application for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, forecasting, analysis, and data quality
  • Deep functionality and scalability that meets the more complex needs of large, sophisticated, global enterprises
  • The same solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise
  • Extensible Dimensionality enables BUs to report and plan at a lower level of granularity without impacting corporate standards
  • Integrated financial data quality ensures confidence in financial and operating results
  • The XF MarketPlace delivers more solutions without adding complexity.

Companies can extend their XF SmartCPM platform to deliver more solutions without adding complexity with OneStream's XF MarketPlace , which includes:

OneStream Financial Close and Reporting

  • Account Reconciliations
  • Close Manager
  • Disclosure Management
  • Compliance Solutions

OneStream Specialty Planning

  • People Planning
  • Capex Planning
  • Cash Planning
  • Sales Planning

OneStream Productivity Tool

  • Guided Reporting
  • Postal Service
  • Task Manager
  • Migration Manager for Oracle/Hyperion

MindStream Analytics is a full-service OneStream consulting firm focused on corporate performance management (CPM) solutions. The team at MindStream has years of experience delivering innovative solutions to maximize and provide efficiency to an organizations strategic, operational and financial management processes.

MindStream Analytics has developed a unique approach and methodology to help you deploy OneStream XF's SmartCPM platform efficiently using best practices for financial planning.


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OneStream CPM

OneStream aligns to your business needs and changes more quickly and easily than any other product by offering one platform and one model for all financial CPM solutions. OneStream employs Guided Workflows, validations and flexible mapping to deliver data quality confidence for all collections and analysis while reducing risk throughout the entire auditable financial process.

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