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OneStream People Planning

OneStream MarketPlace Solutions: People Planning

OneStream is a powerful financial platform to help any business streamline their consolidation, planning, reporting, data quality, and financial signaling. To further expand on these areas the OneStream MarketPlace Solutions were developed. The OneStream MarketPlace has more than 50 pre-configured solutions to help including productivity solutions, planning and analysis solutions, and financial close solutions.

People Planning is a MarketPlace solution to assist with your company's financial planning. This solution provides the ability to consolidate all human capital data in one place with the financial planning and budgeting data. Project the costs for salary, tax, health, travel, and other benefits and expense data by individual employees as drivers to build out your budget more effectively. Plan for new employees, merit increases, and various commission levels across your company. Provide hiring managers with direct access to influence budget decisions for their department.

Start your planning and budgeting from the lowest level of workforce data to create a high-quality financial plan. The People Planning solution empowers managers of all teams to take control of their teams' data. Plan for open positions as the individual departments grow and keep up with the company. As the financial planning and budgeting data in the OneStream environment is supplemented with the accuracy of the granular detail entered into the People Planning solution, executives can more confidently rely on the quality of the data to focus on making the best decisions for the company. As employee costs are one of the largest expenses within most companies it makes it one of the most important areas to have as much data as possible. Having the data all in one location provides the ability to drill down on end financial reports.

Within the MarketPlace solution for People Planning, it provides the ability to utilize pre-built financial models. Access user-friendly input and summary reports to quickly deploy. The solution includes dynamic calculations to provide users with immediate visibility into how their inputs impact the overall financials. With OneStream and the People Planning solution, it provides access to global statistical data including drivers for salary, benefits, and taxes by geographic regions to further improve the calculations in the models and improve the financial plan.

The OneStream MarketPlace People Planning solution extends the planning and budgeting process across the whole company. Collaboration around the company's employee expenses creates greater involvement in the decision-making process leading to higher quality financial plans. With the pre-built models, calculations, and wealth of data, this solutionstreamlines the planning process around human capital expenses while providing greater amounts of data.

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