OneStream Extensible Dimensionality

OneStream Extensible Dimensionality

OneStream's extensible platform enables organizations to extend beyond traditional finance, consolidate and support divisional reporting, and see underlying operational detail. By "extending" beyond a standard corporate set of accounts, business leaders have the flexibility to plan and report on your business exactly how you manage it - enabling visibility into business plans and the ability to hold teams accountable. With extensibility, corporate teams can review consolidated business plans but also drill back to detailed plans, enabling the collaboration and business partnership that is required today for success.

OneStream Extensible Dimensionality

One of the biggest deficiencies with legacy performance management solutions is the lack of extensibility - meaning that there is only a limited number of dimensions your business can use for planning and reporting while still meeting corporate standards. This can greatly impact global businesses with multiple product lines and diverse businesses that have common planning and reporting requirements.

For example, Sales may have detailed revenue categories for the business they want to track, Business units may have different products or services they want to track revenue and expenses for, and Marketing may want to make business plans at the program or marketing initiative level.

Without an extensible platform, you won't have the ability to plan and/or report at the level it requires. Instead of enabling the business, inflexible point solutions force business leaders to adhere to a summary-level revenue or expense structure that is used for consolidated company reporting. This often results in a loss of visibility into business plans or creates fragmented business processes built around the technology - doing little to align the business.

OneStream gives organizations detailed financial reporting and budgeting capability thanks to Extensible Dimensionality's ability to provide customizable business unit reporting without impacting corporate standards. Extensible Dimensionality provides unparalleled flexibility and insights for business units to see, analyze, report, and plan new levels of detail without the need for multiple applications.

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MindStream Power of One Webinar - OneStream Software

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