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Event Date: April 28, 2016

Event Time: 12PM EST

When it comes to EPM reporting and dashboards for your enterprise, do you really know the difference? Join us as we discuss and distinguish enterprise performance reporting and dashboard tools and their separate and coincidental purposes. In addition to an overview of current market tools, we will discuss select tools in the EPM space and their uses. Tools to be discussed include: Oracle Hyperion Financial Reports, CXO-Cockpit, new features in Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service, Smart View, and OBIEE.

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After this session, you will understand:

  • How to determine what type of visual tool you need to share your EPM information
  • Once you determine the tool you need, how to choose the best tool for the job
  • The basics of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reports, Smart View, Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service, OBIEE, and CXO-Cockpit

Join us to learn the basics of EPM reporting and dashboards from our top experts. Presented by Seth Landau, COO & EVP, Consulting Services.

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