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Webinar: Transforming Your Budget Process to Tell Your Story

Event Date: January 29, 2016

Event Time: 12:00 PM EST

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What can you do to transform your budget process for greater efficiency? Join this webinar to find out!

Are you struggling with spending too much time collecting data, and not enough time analyzing it? Are you being tasked with presenting a picture of your organization's story each quarter, but are so overwhelmed with managing the process of compiling the data that the narrative is your last priority? In this common scenario, many of our Finance peers struggle with making the time to analyze outcomes and present findings efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar, we address this challenge with methodologies for automation of your budget process.

We provide:

  • An overview of best practices in budget process planning
  • Top-down, bottom-up, rolling forecasts, zero-based budgeting-what is the difference, and how do these affect our organization strategy?
  • What does a "financial playbook" look like?
  • And, as your leading expert on integrating technologies into your business process, as always, we will discuss the corresponding technologies that can help you present your financial narrative.

When we are done, you should have a clear idea of opportunities for budget process design transformation and the current leading tools to facilitate value-add solutions for your organization.

Presenter: Shannon Burket, Planning & Analysis Practice Lead

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