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MindStream Ranked Top 501 Managed Services Provider

Event Date: September 30, 2015

Event Time: 9:30am to 10:30am

MindStream Ranked Top 501 Managed Services Provider. MindStream was invited to receive the company's Top 501 award in Tampa, Florida on September 30, 2015 at the Channel Directions Live event.

Many large enterprises with global operations create a Center of Excellence to support their EPM operations. They act as a team of in-house consultants and support for their operations worldwide. Because of the variety of skills required to deploy a suite of EPM products – and the high cost of administrators – many companies find that these capabilities are out of their reach.

The mission-critical nature of EPM applications doesn’t reduce your company’s need for high-level results. It just makes the ROI hard to justify the cost of building out a sizable team and staffing for global support.

MindStream’s award-winning AppCare changes all that, it allows your company to have your own 24/7 Center of Excellence – often at a fraction of the cost of a single EPM administrator.

AppCare is our managed services offering that acts as an extension of your team. We'll use our experience in overseeing applications, supporting users, driving end-user adoption, and administering application extensions to provide you with key insights and recommendations that are unique to your needs and goals.

AppCare can maximize the value of your IT organization by letting your staff focus on high-value activities while MindStream experts maintain your software.

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The MindStream team offers the best of application expertise and data security and system redundancy. It's the ideal solution for our needs.

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OneStream XF aligns to your business needs and changes more quickly and easily than any other product by offering one platform and one model for all financial CPM solutions. OneStream XF employs Guided Workflows, validations and flexible mapping to deliver data quality confidence for all collections and analysis while reducing risk throughout the entire auditable financial process.

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