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HFM Playbook for HFM Design Success

Advanced HFM Design Principles

Event Date: August 24, 2016

Event Time: 12PM EST

Join us to meditate on your true organizational self so your pie-in-the-sky dreams become reality when designing your HFM application. Join our HFM Expert Cris Heceta when she discusses Advanced HFM Design principles to facilitate successful implementations. A successful HFM design requires corporate "soul searching" in advance of design and implementation in order to understand business reporting needs while recognizing data availability and getting honest about data shortcomings. Join us for a self-evaluating-guideline questionnaire you could use to promote HFM Design success. This popular presentation was selected for both Collaborate 16 and Kscope 16. If you missed it, enjoy this opportunity to see this sought-after conference presentation!

  • 24.8.16

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