What is HFM?

What is Hyperion Financial Management?

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management , or HFM, is a financial consolidation and reporting application designed to be used and maintained by the finance team. It provides the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, meet global regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance, and deliver confidence in the numbers.

With HFM-part of the Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite - organizations can improve their consolidation and reporting process and reduce internal control risks. Financial managers move from the role of scorekeepers to one of business partners-delivering financial and non-financial analysis that supports strategic and operational management decisions. With purpose-built features, HFM helps businesses comply with the many different and stringent regulatory reporting regulations.

Key features of HFM include global consolidation features, a scalable web architecture, unlimited dimensionality, complete audit trail, powerful reporting and analysis tools, and robust data integration. HFM also includes a purpose-built intercompany transaction matching module. The module provides an efficient way to identify, reconcile, and report on intercompany account differences at a transaction, or 'invoice'level. Organizations can capture, match, and resolve intercompany differences across currencies. End users can enter comments and reason codes to help in the resolution process.

What is HFM?

Other key benefits of HFM to organizations include:

  • Reduce consolidation, close, and reporting cycles by days or weeks and deliver timely results internally and externally
  • Reduce compliance costs and deliver a single version of the truth through the Web to improve internal and external transparency
  • Maintain a regulatory filing to General Ledger audit trail, providing confidence in the financial results
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of key performance and operational metrics easily
  • Discover new sources of profitability and cash flow by company, product, brand, and customer segment

MindStream Analytics is a premier consulting and managed services provider . We help organizations acquire, implement, host, and manage strategic finance solutions designed to grow your business-including HFM-by bringing people, processes, and information together. Our team is made up of business and technical experts with years of experience with Enterprise Performance Management , Business Intelligence , and Advanced Analytics. We believe the power of technology, combined with best practices and access to relevant information, helps companies gain a competitive advantage with improved consolidations, reporting, and analysis.

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