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Hyperion Outsourcing

Oracle Hyperion Outsourcing

As more organizations try to gain a competitive and operational advantage through Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management integration, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right person with experience to administer such a complex, sophisticated platform. Outsourcing guarantees the availability of trained and experienced Hyperion administrators with a managed services agreement. MindStream Analytics has years of experience dealing with these questions and working with companies and their EPM needs. EPM can create a competitive advantage for the companies that adopt it by enabling them to anticipate and respond to a changing business climate faster than their peers. MindStream can help you achieve your advantage.

Benefits of Outsourcing Hyperion:

  • Risk mitigation - minimize the risks associated with losing a key resource for keeping financial reporting and overall business management at an optimal level.
  • IT resources - Adding daily Hyperion maintenance and administrative tasks to an already over-burdened IT resource increases the chance for errors and even failure.
  • Cost - acquiring, training, and retaining in-house Hyperion administration can cost about a quarter million dollars, with no guarantee that the admin will even stay.

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