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Our Oracle Hyperion consultants are trained professionals that have helped develop and deploy numerous Hyperion EPM applications to fortune 500 clients. MindStream Analytics can help you standardize your financial management processes and optimize your close cycle. We help you gain confidence with drill down views for your data from your financial report to your ERP source. Transform your transactional data into readily available and reliable information that impacts your organizations ability to make the right decisions at the right time.

MindStream Analytics has years of experience dealing with these questions and working with companies and their EPM needs. EPM can create a competitive advantage for the companies that adopt it by enabling them to anticipate and respond to a changing business climate faster than their peers. MindStream can help you achieve your advantage.

Our Hyperion Consultant can help you with:

  • Accelerate reporting cycles - reduce close cycle times and deliver more timely results
  • Reduce - the cost of compliance and increase confidence in the numbers by reducing the control
  • Perform strategic analysis - spend less time on processing and more time on value-added analysis
  • Deliver a single truth - provide a single version of the truth to support financial management and statutory reporting
  • Easily integrate - integrate not only with other Hyperion products but also with your existing infrastructure
  • Integrate with MS Office - use Smart View, to view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

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