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Essbase Cube

What is an Essbase Cube?

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Essbase Cube

An Essbase Database is also commonly referred to as a cube. Essbase is an object oriented database that provides users with multidimensional analysis capabilities. Essbase Databases are often called "Cubes" and are defined by dimensions, which themselves are hierarchical groups of members Data is organized into cross sectional groups that can be accessed by users depending on what sections of the hierarchal dimensions they wish to see. The Dimensions are hierarchical representations of descriptors that business users are familiar with, such as a Product Hierarchy. By simply choosing any point in the various dimension hierarchies users are instantly presented with the data values. Users can drill up or down, or users can pivot different dimensions to form new cross sections and better analyze the data. Essbase is optimized to support On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) as opposed to the more traditional transaction processing (OLTP) found in relational databases. This enables rapid response times for large volumes of users and large volumes of data.

MindStream Analytics can help you learn more about Essbase and its full analytic capabilities.

Essbase gets its name from Extended Spreadsheet Database and is commonly accessed via a spreadsheet add-in that provides users the capability to analyze data within a familiar environment such as Microsoft Excel. Essbase can accept data input from end users which makes it a very capable budgeting tool in addition to its analytic capabilities. Essbase also contains a very powerful calculation engine and is often used to create Profitability Costing models or other types of analytic models that require allocations or more advanced calculations. Essbase is the analytical engine of packaged applications such as Hyperion Planning , Oracle BI Solutions, and the multi-dimensional data store for analytical applications

MindStream's experienced staff includes Hyperion Essbase developers and certified Oracle Essbase consultants.

We hold various positions throughout the Essbase community including the Oracle Application User Group's (OAUG) Hyperion Special Interest Group Domain Lead for Essbase. As an Oracle Certified Partner, MindStream has the expertise to make your next Essbase implementation a success with certified and experienced consultants.

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