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Hyperion Disaster Recovery

Our Hyperion Disaster Recovery Services

Oracle Hyperion Disaster Recovery

Configuring a Disaster-Recovery environment requires these steps:

  • 1. Install and configure EPM System at the production site.
    • Runtime executables and data should be on a replicatable partition.
    • Distributed services must be clustered to form a logical service.
  • 2. If the host names at the standby site differ from the host names at the production site, set up host name aliases at the standby site. See Host Name Requirements.
  • 3. When the EPM System configuration at the production site is complete, install and configure EPM System at the standby site.
  • 4. Set up database replication.
  • 5. Enable the standby site.
    • Disable mirroring between the production and standby sites.
    • Run the crash-recovery procedure for each application to recover Oracle Essbase. See Chapter 4," Essbase Components," in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Backup and Recovery Guide.
    • Start the services on the standby hosts.

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